Jefree Star mini Haul

Hey, sorry I haven’t posted in ages, more than 3 weeks! A few things have been going on but i’m back now, until I disappear again, haha. Anyways I hate yabbling on, lets get straight into the post…

I got everything from BeautyBay

The first thing I Bought was the Beauty Killer palette which I have admired for ages but didn’t have the courage to buy it, I thought it was too expensive but a lot of my Blogging friends had it and it looked beyond Beautiful, It was £40. 


The next things I got was 2 of his liquid lipsticks, these are so good, they last ages on your lips, don’t go all dry and flaky and just have a good pigmentation in them, they add a bit of colour to your lips! The 2 shades I purchased was Pumpkin Pie and Sagittarius. I do have a favourite already and that is defiantly Pumpkin pie, it is a great everyday shade especially for the Winter Months, it’s a lovely warm colour.



Pumpkin Pie

Thanks for reading, until next time…

These pictures are not mine, I don’t claim they are, these are from Google images.


Author: Jessie Tevendale

I have a strong passion for Beauty, so if your the same, go ahead and click that 'Follow' Button! i'll do the same back!

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