Jefree Star mini Haul

Hey, sorry I haven’t posted in ages, more than 3 weeks! A few things have been going on but i’m back now, until I disappear again, haha. Anyways I hate yabbling on, lets get straight into the post…

I got everything from BeautyBay

The first thing I Bought was the Beauty Killer palette which I have admired for ages but didn’t have the courage to buy it, I thought it was too expensive but a lot of my Blogging friends had it and it looked beyond Beautiful, It was £40. 


The next things I got was 2 of his liquid lipsticks, these are so good, they last ages on your lips, don’t go all dry and flaky and just have a good pigmentation in them, they add a bit of colour to your lips! The 2 shades I purchased was Pumpkin Pie and Sagittarius. I do have a favourite already and that is defiantly Pumpkin pie, it is a great everyday shade especially for the Winter Months, it’s a lovely warm colour.



Pumpkin Pie

Thanks for reading, until next time…

These pictures are not mine, I don’t claim they are, these are from Google images.

Need new Specs? Look no further -Warby Parker New York

HI guys, what a lovely day I have had, quite a productive day, I tidied my bedroom, revised for College and got things done and dusted with.

I was so Pleased when I woke up on Friday Morning to receive a pleasant Email from a member of the Warby Parker team informing me that they really enjoy reading my Blog and Love my passion for Beauty. The team member would Love for me to show off their new 2017 Spring collection which Im thrilled to do!

Warby Parker makes Gorgeous outstanding Glasses at an affordable price. They believe that buying Glasses should be fun and easy! I totally back this up, buying Glasses should be enjoyable. Warby Parker has the full package.

  • No pressure from any of the Team members to buy
  • Choose 5 frames and try on at home, like what you see? Purchase in a click!
  • No hassle, free delivery and returns
  • Can’t decide ? chat online for free and get the help you require!

If you want to read a short story about Warby Parker then CLICK HERE, you won’t be dissapointed, grab your Coffee and take a read.


If your a Youtube Fan or you just stumbled across Tyler Oakley, You may want to take a read …

Tyler Oakley has Launched his own line of Beautiful, Elegant frames with Warby Parker, stunningly perfect for every occasion !


On with the new 2017 Spring collection

Lets start with some Nude colours shall we, these are not only super cute but super Classy. Looking for Cute, sophisticated Glasses for an affordable price? Look no more… These are the Olive Rose Quartz. These are my favourites. These are for the Ladies what wanna rock the nudes. Flattering on any face shape.




Go bold or go home, You will defiantly be staying with these and rocking the dancefloor! Bold but Chic. This is one Fashionable piece! These are the Caspar pearled tortoise, starting at just $95, how can you possibly say no?




These are really smart and defiantly something you need! These are beyond perfect,go on, you know you want to! These are essential for every lady who likes a bit of luxurious 1st Class in their life. These are the Durand Whiskey tortoise, again starting at just $95, there is no way you can say no!




Matte Specs? Yeah you heard right, Warby Parker have Matte for you. Like basic Glasses but still want to look Elegant? We’ve got you covered with these Wilkie Black Matte eclipse Frames. Check these out!



Available in different colours


Can I just include that every pair of Frames comes with…

  • Akulon-coated screws for durability
  • Lenses made from polycarbonate, the most impact-resistant material for eyeglasses
  • Anti-scratch and anti-reflective coating included
  • Made from custom cellulose acetate
  • Cut from a single sheet of acetate to maintain color parity
  • Offer 100% UV protection
  • Frames are hand-polished for three days with a German wax compound before making their way to your eyes.

Thanks for reading and Thanks Warby Parker for the great inspiration, Let me know which ones you will choose and like best…

These pictures are not mine and I do not claim to own them.